Woohoo I managed to pay the electricity bill. Over the phone. Two things I hate, but it’s done now.

(I feel like doing a shout out to the guy from British Gas because he was so patient with me and answered all my ignorant questions. authorisation code? what’s that for?)

Now I just have hand in my portfolio (at least it’s finally finished) and sort out the mess in my room. Then hand in my keys tomorrow and go on holiday. I have not slept more than 3 hours these last two days, so exhausted.


Billie 1 (by sophie.boosey)
Anonymous asked:
What's your zodiac sign?


Do you believe that the signs say something about people? What’s yours?

Anonymous asked:
Hey I um had some questions that I didn't want to forget so I decided I'd ask and you can answer whenever. 1. Have you ever heard of Build a bear? 2. Do you play video games? 3. Do you have/like stuffed animals? 4(opinion but you don't have to answer if it's weird/uncomfortable). Is it weird that I want to fall in love despite being 16? Random I know but they popped into my head during class today.

Hey, sorry I haven’t been replying much. I’ve been really busy.

0. You asked if I liked travelling, well yeah I’m pretty obsessed with seeing as much of the world as possible. I don’t really like the part of getting from one place to another (airport security, flying, long car drives, etc) but I love arriving somewhere new and exploring. Do you like travelling? Where have you travelled?

1. I have seen Build a Bear shops here in England, but I’ve bought/built one. Haha random question!

2. I don’t play video games… I used to share a playstation with my brother but I got way too busy when I started university and my wrists often ache from typing so much on the computer so it probably wouldn’t be good for me. What do you play?

3. I have many stuffed animals (I assume you mean the plush toys and not taxidermy :P), I used to collect them! But this year I only had two in my room: two dinosaurs that I got from friends.

4. No, not at all. Did anyone tell you that? I don’t believe love has an age limit. Actually, I started wanting a relationship when I was like, 8 years old! I always felt a strong desire to have someone really close to me, to share everything with, someone to kiss and hold hands with… I had lots of crushes in my teenage years but I got my first boyfriend at 17 (and my first girlfriend at 20). Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t feel. And it might be tough when it feels like you’re waiting all your life to find that someone and it’s still not happening, but all you can do is stay positive that it will happen and meanwhile try to focus on other good things in life. <3

**I’m going on holiday tomorrow til next Friday, and I don’t know if I’ll have much wifi access in hotels - feel free to send me messages but know that it might take long for me to reply. Have a nice weekend!**

I’m starting to feel that I’m making a big mistake by moving back, and it’s freaking me out.

Someone talk some sense into me.

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Women’s sexuality isn’t even recognized by society at large beyond our utility to men so like, idk why the hell “straight passing privilege” needs to be added on to remind us of this. Like, I think it’s pretty clear that the idea already IS that we must all be “secretly” straight and cis and hungry for procreation, cause the world must revolve around Manhood forever.

Which is part of why I believe a lot of lesbian women report that they are “treated like bi women” and still pursued by men. It’s not because of “bi for attention” women or whatever the hell we’re gonna yell at women for doing - it’s because men feel fucking entitled to bodies they designate as Woman because that is ultimately an integral piece to how one is supposed to “be” a man.

I just think “straight passing privilege” glosses way the fuck over this reality and just gets flat out insulting to a point, especially when people really will literally tell women, especially girls, that we can’t possibly have a sexuality that is not connected to men and their sexuality. You stay “straight passing” as long as patriarchy can find a way to weasel itself in with no regards to consent.

I’m not saying we all pass as straight - but I AM saying that it’s not inherently and always a privilege. Unless you are straight, and can fully benefit from the experience of being received as straight in life and having that perspective. Constant self policing and poor mental health is not beneficial, so the “straight passing” idea does shit for bisexuals and the “LGBT” at large besides ostracize us for, y’know, being bisexual basically.

People already refuse women the right to self-determination over their sexualities. We’re not supposed to have them for ourselves, and definitely not with each other, and when you’re bi while with women, people really wanna work hard to make sure you know that your affections are disingenuous and make your sexuality with other women about men and your apparent subservience to them.

Maybe one day I can get this into more coherent phrasing, but for now I’ll let this sit here in case I never follow up on writing a better thing.

Bolded for emphasis. Thank you for writing this!

Did anyone else feel uncomfortable watching the Julia Louis-Dreyfuss-Bryan Cranston kiss because it actually looks as if there was no consent on her part and as if he totally takes her by surprise? I know that she later claimed that they’d discussed it beforehand [x], so maybe I’m just seeing things, but I mean look at how she’s smiling when she’s on her way to claim the award and then the smile disappears when the kiss happens, and all of her body language signals that she’s uncomfortable?? Look at how she moved completely backwards and how her hand goes down to his hand on her hip like she’s trying to get it off her, like ‘okay, enough!’


The gif is really fast, but in the actual video it’s a bit clearer that she looks taken by surprise because he comes up to her and she has this second of ‘jumping’ backwards in shock before he starts to kiss her.

And I even thought, maybe she’s acting it, maybe it’s because they’re recreating that Seinfeld moment… but when I look at the picture of the original Seinfeld moment [x], it looks like a completely different (much more romantic and consensual) kiss, so that doesn’t explain the uncomforable vibe this live kiss gives off.

And you know what, even if it was totally consensual and they discussed or even rehearsed it beforehand, I still wish they hadn’t done it like this… because it does NOT LOOK LIKE CONSENT and that is what’s important, because basically a moment like this, on such a widely broadcast tv event, just promotes this idea that it’s okay for men to kiss/hold/touch a woman just like that, spontaneously, without asking, and that it’s funny, regardless of whether she reacts positively or negatively. Which is a trope that I’ve seen in way too many tv shows, movies, etc. (*cough*11th Doctor*cough*), and to me, that’s part of rape culture.


oh my god

I am literally on a Parks & Rec marathon.